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Welcome to Episode 42 of the UCStatus Podcast. This episode features me (@randychapman) & Shawn Harry (@shawnharry) and Mark Vale (@markvale83).

This week we chat with John Stewart-Murray, pre-sales consultant from AudioCodes UK. If you’ve been with us since the beginning you’ll remember we had John on the Podcast a little over a year ago, way back in Episode 9. And a second time back in Episode 28.

This week we’re talking about the Big Switch Off and what AudioCodes and others have been doing to get ready for it. For those that don’t know. The Big Switch-Off is where the UK government is mandating via OFCOM that telco’s get rid of and migrate away from PSTN and ISDN lines and services.

It was a very in depth chat so I’ll just let you listen.

This was a fun episode as always and we hope you enjoy it. Have a listen below.

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