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Welcome to Episode 41 of the UCStatus Podcast. This episode features me (@randychapman) & Shawn Harry (@shawnharry) and Mark Vale (@markvale83).

This week our chat is focused on Microsoft Teams Rooms. We talk about

  • Public Preview for MTR
    • For details on how to enable Public Preview – Click Here
    • the Public Preview Tech Community Page – Click Here
  • Roadmap and release management for MTR
  • MTR management including Teams Admin Centre and Microsoft Teams Room Premium
  • And a few things from the public roadmap about MTR
    • Direct Guest Join for Zoom/Webex on MTR on Android
    • Support for breakout rooms on MTRoA
    • MTRP for MTRoA and Surface Hub
    • Join a meeting from a code
    • MTRP Export Room Inventory
    • MTRP Action Driven Incidents
    • MTRP Room Expansion Planning
    • MTRP Mobile companion app
    • Microsoft Graph: Teams Device management Graph APIs (Preview)
  • and Teams Panel
    • Check in and release after a period of time
    • Check out after a meeting or early to release
    • Extend Room reservations

This was a fun episode as always and we hope you enjoy it. Have a listen below.

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