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Welcome to Episode 23 of the UCStatus Podcast. This episode features me (@randychapman), Shawn Harry (@shawnharry) & Mark Vale (@markvale83) are joined by very special guests Ilya Bukshteyn (@ilyabu) and Greg Baribault (@gregbari) from Microsoft.

In this episode we chat with the people responsible for room devices for Microsoft Teams.

We talk about the history of Microsoft Teams Rooms from Lync Room System (LRS) to Skype Room System (SRS, a.k.a. Rigel) and finally Microsoft Teams Rooms. We even find out why they didn’t follow the trend and call them Teams Room Systems (TRS).

We take a look at the possible future direction of the MTR on both Windows and Android, from multi-camera, to machine learning and artificial intelligence. We even find out that the old “round table” devices now work with Teams and give you panoramic video in Teams meetings.

We had a lot of fun in this episode, as always. We hope you like it.

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