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Super quick post today. There was a new message centre post today in the Microsoft 365 admin centre concerning 1:1 call recording in Teams.

MC238796, Plan For Change, Published date: 10 Feb 2021

  • Admin impact
  • Feature update
  • User impact
  • Action required by 10 Mar 2021

Microsoft is changing the way 1:1 call recording is enabled by creating its own policy. 1:1 call recording refers to users ability to manually record Teams to Teams calls.

What’s changing?

Currently this is enabled for users as part of the Teams Meeting Policy “Allow Cloud Recording” attribute.

After the change it will be controlled as part of the Teams Calling Policy and the “Allow Cloud Recording for Calls” attribute. Additionally, the default setting on the attribute will be FALSE.

If you use this feature you can make the change now to get ahead of the change and set the attribute to TRUE.

If you don’t use it, just let the change happen and know that users will be unable to manually record their 1:1 calls.

Note: This new policy attribute relates to the Microsoft Teams Recording solution for 1:1 calls. This attribute does not affect 1:1 Compliance Recording, which is still controlled via the Compliance Recording policy.

How to make the change

You need to use the Skype for Business Online or Teams PowerShell module and log in as an admin with sufficient rights.

Get the status of this setting

Get-CsTeamsCallingPolicy | select identity, allowCloudRecordingForCalls

You can create a new calling policy if you like, but I decided to make the change to the global calling policy in my lab tenant.

Set-CsTeamsCallingPolicy -Identity Global -allowCloudRecordingForCalls $true

Then run a get to make sure the change has happened

And that’s it. Hope this helps