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Welcome to Episode 48 of the UCStatus Podcast. This episode features me (@randychapman), Mark Vale (@markvale83) and Shawn Harry (@shawnharry).

This week we talk about a couple of changes for Teams Phone and some really big changes for Teams Rooms.

The list:

Microsoft Teams Phone Stuff

  • Microsoft Announced, in the Message Centre, changes to phone number routing logic for Line URIs. Teams now needs an exact match in order to route a call to a user. So if you have an estate with Line URIs that include an extension (e.g. tel:+442072346789;ext=6789), you either need to remove the extension or normalise it on the way in from the carrier. Basically Microsoft will only route an exact match. Friend of the show Tom Arbuthnot has a great post that covers it here
  • Changes to Teams Phone Resource Account licensing: Microsoft now requires a Teams Phone Resource Account license (formerly Virtual User License) for every resource account used for Teams Auto Attendants and Call Queues and not just those with a telephone number. It’s in a note box here on Microsoft Learn. Basically means you need to acquire more licenses and assign them if you still want your AA/CQs to function.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Stuff

  • MTR on Android is getting BIG updates and catching up to Windows
  • MTR on Windows and Android Start a whiteboard support
  • MTR on Android devices now in the Pro portal
  • Differences in TAC/Pro portal support between Windows and Android
  • Update phases in Teams Admin Centre for Android devices – similar to update rings for MTRoW in Pro portal. For use with auto updates
  • MTR on Windows is getting an update to make it look more like Android

As always we had a lot of fun so have a listen.

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