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Quick post today on the Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini that I thought was worth sharing. The Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini has had a CollabOS update which enables a few key things.

The first is RightSight 2. This allows the bars to use both cameras to enable Speaker View (in beta) with picture in picture in addition to group framing. RightSight 2 speaker view uses the onboard mics to find an active speaker and effectively single them out and zoom in on them. While Picture-in-picture shows the full context of the room.

Speaker View with picture-in-picture looks like this

The second is a local web UI for management. This is great if you don’t have access to the physical device or the Sync app on a connected PC. Or the device isn’t registered to the Sync portal.

When the web UI is enabled you just browse to the local IP and log in with the username and password it displays in settings

Then you can get at all of the same settings you can get at in Sync desktop or the Sync portal. Or locally on the device.

As you can see below I show you how to enable speaker view and picture-in-picture

The web UI is a great addition to the support tools already available.

Is RightSight 2 any good?

Yes is the short answer. RightSight was always pretty good on Rally Bar. Great at group framing and fairly fast. I have seen faster, but it isn’t too fast to be unpleasant.

On mine I did have to restart after updating it because speaker tracking didn’t work. But it has worked since.

Picture-in-picture doesn’t seem to work for my in Teams meetings unfortunately. I reached out to Logitech for comment and will update the post when I know more. Once it is working I’ll do another video for my Youtube channel. https://youtube.com/ucstatus

Update: Logitech confirmed that RightSight 2 speaker view and picture-in-picture does work in Teams appliance mode (MTR on Android). They said that in order to get picture-in-picture in speaker view, you need more than one person in the room. Otherwise it is really just framing the one person and there is nothing else to see. So PiP is pointless.

The second and subsequent people need to be far enough away so that when it frames you as a speaker, they can’t easily be seen in that speaker view. But they also need to be seen by the fixed room camera on the side.

And therein lies the problem for me. I’m testing in a very small home office and I can’t get another person or even a cardboard cut out far enough away from me in the room to make PiP kick in. I think I briefly saw it last week.

As soon as I can see it working properly, maybe if I move it to my lounge, I will post some screenshots.

They also confirmed speaker view with PiP works in USB mode, BYOD mode, temporary BYOD mode (when it switches from appliance mode to BYOD when you plug in USB/HDMI) and when it is used in MRE on Windows mode (connected to a compute).

Another cool thing is that Logitech is seeking feedback on the feature. Speaker View is currently in beta; while it’s being refined, we welcome your feedback at rightsight2-beta@logitech.com.

More info

You can see the Release notes here: CollabOS Release Notes: Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini – Logitech B2B Support

And a handy companion post here on everything you need to know about RightSight 2, along with an FAQ. Introducing RightSight 2 and Speaker View – Logitech B2B Support

And that’s all folks. Catch you next time