Hello Readers, I hope you’re well.

Welcome to episode 6 of the UCStatus Podcast. As usual, this episode features me (@randychapman), Mark Vale (@unifiedvale) and Shawn Harry (@shawnharry).

This week’s podcast is a bit if a Teams news roundup. We put together a list and had a chat as usual. And we did our best to stay on topic.

  1. New meeting scheduling experience
  2. Bookings App coming to Teams
  3. Crisis management thought Teams and Flow/Power Platform
  4. Teams and Skype Consumer fed end of March
  5. Outlook Teams integration – Send Outlook email to Teams
  6. Auto creation of an org wide Team = bad
  7. In region stream recording.
  8. Teams CDR API (Graph) in preview
  9. Recording API in public preview
  10. Additional guidance on migration from SfBO to Teams
  11. Targeted communications (aka tags)

Here’s the podcast recording 👇

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The next podcast is looking to be another news roundup or What’s new episode. Microsoft released a ton of new things since we recorded this two weeks ago. So stay tuned.