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Another quick one today.  One thing that has annoyed me since I moved to Teams Only mode is nothing to do with Teams at all.

I use a Bluetooth headset which is dual paired to the Bluetooth adapter and my mobile at the same time.  This means I can answer calls on my PC/Laptop or my mobile.  On the PC I use it as my default device for Teams.  On my mobile, I use it for answering mobile calls as well as Teams and other soft phones and of course, media (music, podcasts etc).

The Issue

When I’m on a Teams call or meeting on my PC (connected through the Bluetooth adapter) and I receive a call to my mobile (GSM number), I suddenly hear my mobile ringtone in my headset and I lose audio to the Teams call/meeting.  Once I ignore the call on the mobile, my audio reconnects to the Teams call.  And I have to start apologizing to the caller or meeting participants.  Not a great experience.

I don’t think I’m the only one that experiences this.  And I don’t think it is exclusive to my brand of headset.

I figured the issue had to be a setting in the headset, so I had a look for what it could be.

The Fix

I use Poly (Plantronics) headsets mostly, so to adjust settings I use the Plantronics Hub application.  The PLT Hub runs in the system Tray.  Just right click and tap the headset name (or Double Click to open it).

PLT Hub System Tray

On the home screen, tap Settings and General

PLT Hub - settings - general

Scroll down a little and you’ll see Second Incoming Call.  In my case it was set to ring continuously.  This means that when I receive a second incoming call, the secondary connection takes over as the communication pathway and it rings in my ear until I end the call.  Crucially, it cuts off the primary/active pathway and interrupts the call in progress.

PLT Hub Secondary call

There is a second choice of Ring Once.  But this will have the same effect.  The best choice is Ignore Ring.  This does exactly what you think.

PLT Hub Change to ignore

Select Ignore Ring, and Apply

PLT Hub apply

It will apply the setting to the headset over Bluetooth and let you know when done.  Just click OK.

PLT Hub Settings Applied

If you have the Plantronics Hub app on your iPhone you can also apply the setting there.  Settings -> scroll down to “Second Incoming Call” -> set to Ignore

Selecting Ignore Ring means that the secondary pathway never activates when you get that second call.  In my testing, I can feel my mobile vibrate on an incoming call and I can see the incoming call on the screen, but my Teams call continues uninterrupted.


I don’t recall having this problem with Skype for Business, and I have a lot of colleagues that say the same thing.  So it is easy to blame Teams.

If you look at Softphones & Media Players, you will see a Software setting for Target Softphone.  There, you can choose which softphone application to use for Outgoing calls.  I have mine set to Lync and Skype for Business.  There is no choice for Teams at present.


I don’t know exactly what this setting does.  My suspicion is that it somehow ignores that second call even if the secondary incoming call is set to ring.

Hopefully Poly can add Teams to the list of Softphones soon and optimize the experience.  But for now, here’s your next best thing.

I would bet there is a similar setting for Jabra and Sennheiser.  I’ll add a screenshot if I find it.

UPDATE: Poly, Jabra and Sennheiser all have settings in their management apps for adding Teams as soft phones.

Also, I got this image from Lee Davis at Jabra regarding their setting which helps with the dual paired issue.

That’s all folks!