Hello Readers, hope you’re well.

A new batch of cool features landed in Microsoft Teams yesterday.

  • Announcements – make an announcement that stands out from the rest of the conversations and really be heard
  • Message Reactions – now you can like, love, laugh and more with additional message reactions
  • Message actions – Conduct a Polly Poll right in a message


It’s easy to lose a thread in among all the other conversations happening in a channel.  Especially when you get a dozen new threads that were replies to your thread.

Now you can start a thread that truly stands out.

Simply start a new conversation

1. hit the rich text button

Teams Announcements-00

2. When it expands, use the drop down in new conversations

3. Click announcement to change it from a conversation to an announcement

Teams Announcements-12

Enter the announcement headline

Teams Announcements-11

Choose a background colour

Teams Announcements-10

Or upload an image

Teams Announcements-09

Now enter the rest of the message

Teams Announcements-04

Then send to post your announcement in the channel

Teams Announcements-01

Message Reactions

Liking a message is great.  But if you’ve ever thought you needed more ways to express your sentiment, you’re not alone.  It’s now possible to choose from 6 reaction types including like, love, laugh, surprise, sad and angry.

Teams Announcements-16

Personally, I think a thumbs down (dislike) would be a great addition.

Just hover over the top right of a message to see the new reactions.  Tap the menu ellipses for more options like save, edit, delete (if you wrote it) & immersive reader.

Teams Announcements-15

If you click a reaction, it adds a badge to the message and collects every reaction type and quantity.

Teams Announcements-13

You can react to any message, message reply and even announcements independently.

Teams Announcements-17

Message Actions

There’s only one right now.  But if you click the ellipses menu and go down to more actions, you have the option to conduct a Polly poll for a message.

Teams Announcements-18

This opens up the new poll screen which automatically adds the contents of the message as the question you want to use for the poll.

Teams Announcements-08

You can change the question type from multiple choice to a 1 to 5 (high/low), agree/disagree or open ended

Teams Announcements-06

You can change the duration from days to hours

Teams Announcements-07

And adjust settings like whether the results are made public and voter anonymity

Teams Announcements-19

Once you’re done, click create poll

Teams Announcements-20

And you’ll see a preview of the poll.  If you want to change something, click edit to go back to the editor.  If you’re all set, just click send to send the poll to the channel.

Teams Announcements-05

Then start voting.  If you chose the option to make the results visible, they will be displayed in real time

Teams Announcements-02

Wrap up

Teams is improving all the time and it’s little things like this that are very welcome additions.

Microsoft doesn’t just decide themselves what to add of course.  They listen to the public.  If you want something, ask for it in Microsoft Teams Uservoice and get your community voting.  I can assure you that Microsoft does listen.

Don’t believe me?

Teams Announcements-21

That’s all folks!  Thanks for reading 👍😊