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Really quick post.  I’m posting this because Yealink is the first vendor to have released their up to date firmware.

You will have seen the recent announcement from Microsoft regarding OAuth and third-party app ID changes for all Skype for Business IP phones.

To provide our customers with best-in-class security across our services, Microsoft is implementing the use of Microsoft Identity Platform 2.0 (an evolution of the Azure Active Directory identity service) which uses the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol. OAuth 2.0 is a method through which a third-party app can access web-hosted resources on behalf of a user, through a third-party application ID.

This change only impacts Skype for Business IP Phones certified under 3PIP program.

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-00

As result of this change, Skype for Business IP Phone partners have made a code change to embed the partner specific application ID in their firmware. The customer tenant admin will be required to confirm consent to allow the third-party phone application to be granted the necessary permissions (the same permissions currently being used by Skype for Business IP Phones).

Microsoft originally announced that all phones had to be updated and consent had to be completed by July 2019.  This has since been changed to January 2020, so you do have a bit of time.  That said, I would get ahead of this if I were you.  Grant consent now so that you are ready for the firmware when it is released.

Important: Once you upgrade to the latest firmware, the phones will no longer sign in to Skype for Business Online.  That is, until you grant consent

How to do it?

Step 1

A tenant administrator must consent on behalf of the organisation to grant the necessary permissions.  This is a one-time thing.  Once done, users with the new firmware will be able to log in to their Skype for Business phones.

Open a browser and go to one of the following partner specific consent URL web pages.



Note: This URL is specific to AudioCodes only.  And applies to the following phones.

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-07

According to this post AudioCodes should be releasing their firmware the end of May or June 2019.  I’ll update as soon as I know.



Note: This page is specific to Crestron only.  And applies to the following phones.

  • Crestron Flex UC-P100-S
  • Crestron Flex UC-P110-S

This post details Crestron’s official statement.



Note: This page is specific to Poly.com only.  And applies to the following phones.

  • VVX Series
  • Trio 8800/8500
  • RealPresence Group Series

Poly.com should be releasing their updated firmware any day (according to Adam Jacobs).



Note: This page is specific to Yealink only.  And applies to the following phones.

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-06

According to this post, Yealink have released their updated firmware.  To download the Skype for Business firmware, please visit Yealink Technical Support.


Enter your tenant admin credentials or pick an account

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-03

Enter your password and sign in

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-02

Accept the request

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-01

Yealink and Crestron redirected me to a page starting with localhost which was never going to work, clearly.

http://localhost/?admin_consent=True&tenant=vendor tenant ID

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-04

If you want to make sure it was successful, you can log in to the Apps page at http://myapps.microsoft.com and see a list of all apps and vendors that have had consent.

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-05

Poly.com redirected me to a URL with a confirmation.

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-08

AudioCodes also redirect to a good confirmation page.

OAuth and 3rd party app ID-09

Well done guys!  It’s the little things 😉

Fellow blogger and Microsoft MVP Tom Arbuthnot wrote a great post back when the announcement was new and has since updated it with the new date.

That’s all folks.  Hope this was useful.