Hello Readers.  As always I hope this finds you well.  

Who would have thought that after just 16 months that almost 5,000 of you would have downloaded my Firewall Diagram for Lync Server 2013. 
So flattered that so many have found it useful.  And a big thank you for those of you that have shared, liked and praised it.

To carry on the tradition I have done a new one for Skype for Business Server 2015.  As it is built on Lync Server 2013 nothing has changed (in the scope of the diagram).  It is based on the same network as the Lync 2013 diagram.  It uses my Skype for Business Server Stencils.

Here it is for quick reference.

And here is a link to the download on the gallery.

Hope you find this useful.  Any suggestions are welcome as always.

UPDATE 29 May 2015: Jan Boguslawski pointed out that I had the incorrect ports on the SRV records in the diagram.  Apologies for this, I was in a rush to upload before I left for a meeting.  Thanks Jan for pointing it out.