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Welcome to Episode 26 of the UCStatus Podcast. This episode features me (@randychapman), Mark Vale (@markvale83) & Shawn Harry (@shawnharry).

Following this years’ Microsoft Ignite conference, we decided there was so much Microsoft Teams news that we needed to do at least one podcast episode to talk it all over. Just in case you haven’t had the chance, you can listen to part 1 here, and here’s a list of all the Teams sessions from Ignite – https://aka.ms/TeamsSessions.

In addition, there were several blog posts from Microsoft to cover all the newness.

Here are the topics

  • Voice enabled Teams Channels
  • Dynamic views for Teams meetings
  • View switcher – gallery on top or bottom
  • Presenter modes – stand out or side by side on sharing
  • PowerPoint Live in Teams meetings
  • Reactions in meetings
  • Webinars
  • Endpoint transfer – move a call between Teams clients
  • Gallery modes on MTR
  • Intelligent speakers
  • Teams Panels
  • New UI for Teams display and Teams phones – Cortana and backgrounds on Teams Display
  • Real time telemetry

Have a listen and let us know what you think. We had a lot of fun in this episode, as always. We hope you like it.

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