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This is a quick post to show how to record and post a voice memo in the Microsoft Teams mobile client.

For your information, this new feature landed in the iOS client around the 19th of February 2019.

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What’s new in Microsoft Teams Mobile

What’s new in Microsoft Teams desktop & web

I think this is a useful feature for mobile workers or anyone on the road.  Of course you can reply to or add a new message by typing.  But what if you need to record a sound.  Perhaps from faulty machinery.  Or you just want to dictate something for your team.  Or record a short comment.  There’s also the accessibility aspect where it could be far easier to hold a record button than type.  Posting the raw voice recording is definitely a lot better than using speech to text based transcription which you can do in most smart phones.

Personally, I’d like to see this go one step further and allow users to post video messages to a conversation.  I know there are use cases.

Here’s the video.  Enjoy!


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